Diksha - A Waldorf School has been offering Waldorf Education for 17 years now and is a cherished part of the global community of Waldorf Schools. At Diksha, we aim to nurture minds, stimulate intellects and touch lives of children with us. Nurturing each child to be an individual who seeks and adds meaning to his own life as well as the society while making a difference.

Diksha Vision

Diksha Waldorf School aims to create humble group of individuals who are thoughtful, mindful in their approach towards making choices, resourceful to achieve their life goals and aims, confident to face challenges and cheerfully cruise the world with resilience, a sense of purpose and belonging. As beautifully said by Khalil Gibran,

“Work is love made visible.”

We believe, to educate each child to develop willingness and love towards all and let them work hard to an extent that they won’t feel learning as burdensome process. We teach with care & share and gently lead a child towards acquiring skills to learn Math, Science, Social and Languages. Our Waldorf approach provides ample of scope for teacher to inculcate good habits of reading, learning, writing stories, making clay houses, painting beautiful sketches and arguing clearly with confidence in children. We encourage each child,

  • To show gratitude and develop responsibility towards self and others.
  • To establish strong relationships with the near and dear ones and the world at large.
  • To do things and realize that things are done by doing it - Yourself.